FREE Resource Guide for Starting A Shelter Program

The absence of safe shelter for animals is a well-documented barrier to domestic abuse victims seeking safety for themselves. No victim should have to make the agonizing “choice” of personal safety at the expense of harm or even death to the animals in the family. Safe shelter for animals is critical to supporting victims and ensuring that when a victim seeks safety, the victim's animals will find safe refuge as well.  

SAAV’s shelter program serves victims in Dane County, Wisconsin, but the shelter model we developed (a community collaboration) can be implemented anywhere.  To facilitate the creation of shelter programs in other communities, and in honor of our 15th anniversary on May 21, 2016, we are delighted to offer an in-depth resource guide for starting a shelter program for the pets of domestic abuse victims, including sample legal forms that we use for SAAV’s shelter program.  We hope our journey inspires you to consider one of your own!   Download Our FREE Resource Guide Here.