The Gift of Reunion

by Megan Senatori, Co-Founder of SAAV

Victims of domestic abuse face a wide variety of barriers to achieving safety, and staying safe after they leave a batterer. At SAAV, our primary goal is to remove one of those barriers to safety by providing temporary, confidential refuge for beloved pets so that victims can leave a batterer without fearing for the safety or well-being of their animals. At the end of the shelter period, victims and their pets are reunited in tearful, joyous, wonderful reunions.

SAAV returns each animal to their person with a “FurEver Together” gift basket. Our baskets are designed to relieve some of the burden of caring for pets while victims continue the transition to safety. The FurEver Together basket includes: pet food, three months of flea and tick prevention, three months of heart worm medicine, toys, treats, other care items, and a card from SAAV to send them on their journey with love.

Our goal is to keep these dual survivors of abuse TOGETHER after they are reunited with one another following our shelter period. Having a safe place for animals, and help with their care following reunion, provides immense comfort to victims.


“I wanted to thank you for taking such care of our fur babies. I can't tell you how much comfort knowing they were safe. Just looking at them you can tell how well they were treated in your care. You are a guardian angel for my family. Thank you so much.”

-SAAV Client